Fixed side navigation – Tutorial

Really simple and easy tutorial on how to make a sticky or fixed side navigation useing CSS from

And here is a tutorial from on “Create a Horizontal Scrolling Website” and fixed top navigation

Easing navigation


Article – Design Perfect Email Newsletters

Found this brilliant article about code for Email Newsletters. It explains what you should and shouldn’t do with your code. It’s very easy to read and not to much jar-gin.

The article points out a good hack for background images

Thanks top article. I have been looking for something like this for awhile.

Article – Cookie cutter web sites

Top and in-depth article about how to mix up your web site design from

“We’re all learning better practices in web design, and that’s a good thing. But designing a website isn’t a simple recipe, and while it’s important to make a website useful, they don’t have to all look the same.”

Article – Fixed vs. Fluid Websites

Great article that explains Fixed and Fluid web design and all the pros and cons.

Found it at

One small thought after reading the article – What about people like me who resize windows? I often make it bigger or smaller to fix the page or my workspace.