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Optimizing images for the web

Useing Photoshops save for web isn’t always the best way to optimizing images for the web. Adobes¬†Fireworks is a great tool for designing and building websites and has a much beeter optimizing tool. However not everyone has the the full Adobe creative suite and a great online tool is

It can optimize your images up to 70%. I got this little hint from blog article¬†“Top 10 Best Practices For Front-End Web Developers”

Website Testing

If you need to test a website here are a few tools:

Install different versions of Internet Explorer (let it be IE3, IE4, IE5, IE5.5, E6 or IE7) on Windows, Mac and Windows.

Litmus will show you exactly how your Website or email is seen through the eyes of your readers, whatever web browser or email system they might be using.

An article about – Lean Usability Testing: Current Best Practices and Resources

You can get screen caps of you site here in most bowers (NO IE)

This works to… but I have read it’s not perfect

Download all version of IE